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Web hosting is easy with William Mahony Designs. We'll host your web site for less than any major web hosting company, and we'll do all of the work. We'll also include one email address at your new web site. Click here to learn more about our email options.

The Hosting account will be through GoDaddy, so you’ll have the same relaible, secure hosting, but at a greatly reduced price! This is possible because of the large number of sites that we hope to host.
If you don’t currently use GoDaddy, I’m still confident that this plan will save you money and I will gladly transfer your site for free.


Cheap web hosting


Click here to learn about our Free and Unlimited email plans available with hosting!

What do I need to do in order to switch?

All you have to do is call or email me and I’ll take care of everything. I’ll even transfer everything for free!

What if my current hosting won’t expire for months or even years?

With GoDaddy, you’re not locked into a contract. When I transfer your hosting, you will instantly be credited for the cost of each month that you didn’t use. If you have another host, I can contact them and make sure the same holds true.

What about the Domain Name?

This will be transferred to William Mahony Designs. You will not be billed for it until it is currently set to expire. When it does, Godaddy will bill William Mahony Designs and I will send you a bill for the exact amount that Godaddy bills us.

Click here to learn how to contact us!

We will transfer your hosting account to us for free!